Several Women, Several Messages, Several Cities,
one movement will impact the world
Womanpreneur is a riveted, mind-blowing
Thought-leaders think tank of speakers!


Now, is not the time to be modest! Now, is not the time to take a back seat on your dreams of being able to empower, impact and changes the lives of women! Now, is not the time to skip out on those that are waiting on you to rise up as a Womanpreneur.

The game has changed

the people have spoken

we need to hear from you

The elite, the powerful, and the most successful women speakers ever to join in a cross-collaborated effort of life and business breakthrough have risen up and joined voices!

In 48 Hours we begin the most important and impactful interview process of your speaking career.

We are looking to interview speakers, coaches, authors, and trainers who want to join the movement to re-write the history books of women in business and personal development. With your stories of grit, mind-blowing careers, and absolute amazement of shattering the glass ceilings in life and business, all while embracing you – the total woman.

If you are a Womanpreneur on the rise and or have risen above the odds in the following areas, we want YOU as a speaker:

  • Health & wellness
  • System Automation
  • Team Building
  • Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Financial Planning

Be a Part of Womanpreneur NOW!

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How do I become a Rise of the Womanpreneur Global Event Speaker?

  • 1 Give yourself permission and approval to complete the form on this page
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  • 4Choose a conference category i.e. Marketing, Business, Wellness, Systems Automation, Personal Development etc…
  • 5Determine whether you prefer to deliver a conference keynote or become a featured speaker.

Womanpreneur is the most impactful, purposeful and result-driven event. This Global platform is for the Womanpreneur that is ready to rise up and have a greater impact.

Not one, not two, not three, but experience NINE (9) potential areas of breakthrough, to include:

  • Fine tuning your niche
  • Improving your health & wellness
  • Automating your business systems
  • Building your dream team to name a few

The stage is set, the lights are on, the cameras are ready – will you take action to join the elite group of Womanpreneur speakers that are poised and positioned to impact the lives and businesses of women worldwide?

A well-behaved woman has never made history and neither will you, if you choose not to interview as one of the most respected, powerful, and knowledgeable cast of Womanpreneur speakers to ever join forces in one room, in one event, with life-altering impact.

You can sit on your gifts or rise as a Womanpreneur Speaker!