There are Black Woman
all around the world

who must be a part of
the difference you were.

born to make in their lives.

  • Are you willing to share your story?
  • Are you willing to be transparent?
  • Are you willing to be authentic?


the book will

feature not just any story but,


Stop for just a
second and
imagine the stages
you will appear on
as a result of
partnering in
purpose by adding
your voice to
this book.

Imagine the podcasts,
the interviews,
the conference calls and the
lives that will be

Step 1

the form
on this page

Step 2

the form
on this page

Step 3

the form
on this page

Step 4

Smile...just because itís a blessing we get
the opportunity
to transform
people lives

Truth Serum -
I use to hate being apart of anthology projects and
I hate buying them even more.

They usually were not well thought out of were just
bad reads

Unstoppable Black
Woman is focused on
purpose NOT profits

We do it
different and
hereís how

Step 1

After you have been selected you will work with Transformation Facilitators (4-week training) that help you perfect your story and your message.


starts with you

The lives that have changed
are just a reflection of what happened on with you.

step 2

Attend The Unstoppable Black Women Retreat

  • Get interview in person
  • Professional Makeup
  • Personalized photo shoot

Meet Your Sisters In

The Journey

step 3

We write your chapter

Our talented team of ghost writes transcribe your interview and create your chapter

step 4

You review your chapter and you have fourteen days to make changes

step 5

Chose custom cover featuring your image OR general United Black Woman

step 6

First Time Ever

Unstoppable Black Woman

is a movement, select authors will be provided the opportunity to create a special edition version of Unstoppable Black Woman where they can select nine additional authors to be part of your special edition version of the book

Everyone likes a party and so do we

Itís time for the Unstoppable Black Women release party
and author summit.

My prayer for every black woman is that you embrace the fact, black, beautiful, brilliant, bold and business minded. This project is a testament to that truth.

Donna Izzard