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Take it to

the next level,

Rise above yours fears,
Ascend to new plateaus
of fulfillment,
success and soar with
your sisters on
a journey guaranteed
to change your life!

I’m ready to soar

If you’ve ever felt

that you were
born to be more,

known that you were capable of achieving more then this once and a life time event is for you.

Learn from

the best in the world.

This summit features inspirational keynote, leadership development labs, entrepreneurial workshops and best of all an online community of women thriving, supporting, and sharing experiences that facilitate an environment of loving achievement

Don't Grow Alone….
Instead Rise Together

- Pat Gillum

I’m ready to rise

The #SisterhoodRising Summit is a once and a lifetime event focused on elevation thru togetherness. We know that success is a team sport yet many us still try to achieve alone, grow alone, win alone

Step in to the support you need, Imagine what it would be like to have women from all over the world cheering for your destiny. Embrace possibility of a purposed driven, love focused, action oriented life of a woman standing in her power.

That woman
is you…

Honey don’t be late for your destiny…

I’m ready to
Register For My Destiny