There has never been a book like this of its kind and we want you to be apart of the

most significant piece of literature of our lifetime.

It’s time

to do something, say something, be apart of something that will live on beyond the job you work or the zeroes in you bank account.

What makes this book,
this work of art,
this anthology

Often times we have to be better
in a world that overlooks, marginalizes, and turns a blind eye
to the
achievements of

Black Women
Until Now!!!!

The BlackWoman Confidential book will feature the stories and letters of women like you

  • 01
    Todays black woman will persevere because of you
  • 02
    Todays black woman will achieve because of you
  • 03
    Todays black woman need you, your strategies your expertise

Do you have the audacity
to audition as author for the

most important work of our time?